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May 7, 2017 (Windy Hill Beach, South Carolina) – I set up this blog a few minutes ago, in anticipation of updating this website much more frequently. I’ve been thinking about doing this type of change for quite a while. Hope you like what I’m doing and come back often. If it hadn’t been for a quote I read in an article highlighted on the Drudge Report today, I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to creating the blog today. The quote was from Warren Buffet at recent Berkshire Hathaway meeting. He was talking about Amazon, and why he hadn’t invested in this successful company. “I was too dumb…”, he said. I tweeted about his comment, and provided a link to a new venture of my own. To facilitate sharing that tweet, I got the rather long Twitter URL and shortened it with — the tweet is at

The first online database system I used, back in the 1980s, was the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Public Document Room daily update of new documents available. Each document was assigned an accession number that started with YYYYMMDD, with a daily document number appended. I guess their system made an impression on me. I don’t even remember the name of the system, but I remember the accession number system they used! I want a systematic way to retrieve my posts to various social media sites, a growing number of my own blogs, and comments I make elsewhere online.

But back to what I love about It enables you to give it a link and then create a custom short link. A few months ago, I created a link for an affiliate link I have which allows me to earn Bitcoin bonus every time someone I referred takes a free spin at a Bitcoin faucet site. I forgot what the link was when I wanted to tell somebody about it the other day, so I went to and searched my history there for any links to the faucet site. The search was quick, and identified my link as

Once you’ve added a short link, you can see how many times people have clicked on it — I see that the free Bitcoin faucet link has been used over 200 times so far.

Hope you have a great day!

Steve Schulin

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PS – I saw this Mr Magoo pic on last week. It reminded me of how we keep electing folks to public office that seem quite willing to take us into great danger.

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