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Here’s link to article which prompted my unshackled tweet this morning: Some Preachers Plan to Keep Politics Out of the Pulpit Even After Trump’s Order | Pastors, rabbis and imams fear political engagement may create fault lines in their congregations

* Clergy from a variety of faith traditions said that removing the threat of an Internal Revenue Service crackdown could create a different set of problems for houses of worship, some of whom worry about the potential for the influence of political money on their congregations.

Some pastors, rabbis and imams fret that engaging politically could create fault lines in their congregations, and could drive people away. They were wary that major donors might now, in some cases, expect them to endorse candidates or distribute literature in exchange for big gifts. And some said that aligning with one political party or another—even a single candidate in a single election—would dilute the force of their moral message.

— Steve’s comment —

I’m one of the founding members of America’s Party. I disagree with the notion that churches should avoid identifying their standard when it comes to political matters. Does your church recognize “Thou shalt not kill” as a standard? If so, how can you want to avoid identifying the killing, under color of law, of thousands of human beings every day via abortion. The idea that a candidate who reflects your church’s perspective should not be endorsed over a candidate who rejects your perspective seems as unAmerican as can be. All of good will are welcome to join America’s Party affiliates from across the land on our Tuesday and Thursday night town hall-style conference calls: “America’s Summit: Restore the Republic”. Dial in starting at 9pm eastern time to


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