How to multiply your Bitcoin faucet income

May 16, 2017 (Windy Hill Beach, South Carolina) — Wouldn’t it be nice to fund a retirement plan, totally for free, that could be worth more than, say, your Social Security benefits? I use a couple of Bitcoin “faucet” sites that reward me with a tiny amount of Bitcoin for doing something. This post is about a faucet that pays for reading news stories related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The same faucet also offers Bitcoin rewards for watching YouTube videos, gaming, reading books, and checking cryptocurrency market prices and stats.

In addition to the amount that you personally earn, this faucet pays you a 25% matching bonus on the amount that anyone you refer to the site earns. The tips I’m going to share with you can result in getting multitudes of others making money for you. Couple that with the prospects for Bitcoin to continue to be an appreciating asset, and the pittance you earn from your actions today could easily be worth $150/hr when you eventually cash it in.

Here’s an example of what I did with an article today. I identified eleven different tweet-sized nuggets of information in the article that would be spot on for one of my Twitter accounts. Here are the eleven:

* If you had invested $10,000 in Ripple (XRP) two months ago, you would have $300,000 today

* Everything is bright in the Bitcoin sky

* Estimates & data are still showing that more than 85% of global Bitcoin trading comes from China

* Bitcoin demand increasing in part due to fears in Asia that the Chinese yuan could depreciate

* China – Bitcoin’s appeal has grown as an alternative asset class for population deprived of many investment choices

* Asia – low confidence in local currencies is providing a major boost to bitcoin demand

* The Indian Rupee is down 20 percent in 2017 compared to the US Dollar. Bitcoin is an alternative to USD

* Starting to see institutional investors take a keen interest in the entire #cryptocurrency sector

* BitFlyer is the biggest Bitcoin exchange in Japan, with 70 percent of the market

* #Bitcoin – #Japan accounts for a relatively small world market slice of around 2.5%: $18,071,700 24h volume today

* In the last 6 months Japan represented 0.91% of the total Bitcoin trading volume, but in last 30 days, 6%

Then, I appended a link to the article at the end of each tweet. Each tweet contains the same link. That link, by the way, is coded to me, so each person who reads the article may see that they’ve won 100-200 Satoshi and may sign up.

I’ve read that Twitter frowns on people posting the same link more than once a day, and that your account can be suspended for doing so. So I uploaded the 11 tweets to a service that allows me to schedule tweets in advance. My instructions for these 11 tweets were to post the first one immediately and then wait a day between each subsequent tweet.

What tools do you need to do what I did?

* You need to set up a free account at
This is where you earn for your own actions, and where you get the signup link like the one I present here, and where you get the custom link to any of the news articles that will identify you as the sponsor for anyone who signs up after clicking through to the article using your link.

* If you want to pre-schedule tweets instead of manually tweeting, I recommend – I pay about $18 every two weeks for this. It works with multiple Twitter accounts, your personal Facebook pages, Facebook groups you administer, your LinkedIn page, LinkedIn groups you administer, and more, including Pinterest and many blogs. It has many more features than just the pre-scheduling of tweets. I’ve used it for years, and they have a free version that is handy if you just want to post to as many as five Twitter accounts without having to logout and login to Twitter each time you want to Tweet from a different account. They offer a free trial of the paid version when you first sign up. The service has been very reliable for me over a long time.

* I also use to make a custom link for each article instead of putting my affiliate coded link in my tweets. The link for the article from which I got the 11 tweets just now is

How to get your affiliate link for a particular article

In the box that shows you’ve earned some Bitcoin on each page of the Faucet site, there’s a small cog-shaped button in the upper right corner. Click on that button, then click on the referral button. Your referral link for the article page you’re on will be displayed. Select the whole link (to do this, I use the tiny select button to the right of the link), copy it and paste it where you can use it. Your referral link for each news story always includes (1) the main story link as it appears in the GoTo bar of your browser, and (2) a string containing your affiliate code. If you’re just linking to the news articles, you’ll always add the same string. But there’s another portal (works for showing any embed-capable YouTube video) that requires slightly different string – one character difference due to the news portal using an “/” character at the end of its URL and YouTube not using an ending “/”.

On Tweets, Lists and Retweets

About a year ago, I started up a new Twitter account for posting cryptocurrency info. It’s this account that I plan to use to share the Bitcoin faucet links on Twitter. I only have about 100 followers for that account so far, but it has also been included on 28 lists on Twitter, most related to blockchain technology or cryptocurrency, and many with thousands of listings. I see (from stats) that I already got four clicks on that first of 11 tweets. One of the ways I build exposure to my own specialized Twitter accounts (and to the Twitter accounts of folks on my network marketing teams) is via an automated retweeting service. I’ll post about that in the future. My network philosophy is that teams do best when each is committed to the others’ success. Automated retweeting is one way to help your team, and as seen in this case, help yourself as well.

My Bitcoin faucet tweets will appear on @CCAcademy_SC

My retweets will come from one or more of my biggest accounts, such as my main account @GrandStrander

Bitcoin faucet for Twitter

2 thoughts on “How to multiply your Bitcoin faucet income

  1. May 18 update:

    Today, I did something different with the recent blockchain- and cryptocurrency-related articles at the news faucet. I opened up the main page at the site, copied the text of its source file, pasted it into a text processor, and then cut all the lines except the ones containing the new article titles and their links. I added various hashtags to the article titles, decided what I wanted the link to be for each article, and then appended my referral link string to the end of each of the article URLs.

    Here are the 18 tweets just from the article titles, followed by one final tweet today that directs folks to this blog post:

    * #Bitcoin not anonymous enough: #Cybercriminals Seek Alternatives Amid #WannaCry #Ransomware … #cryptocurrency

    * #cryptocurrency #usability – European Retail Giant Alza Accepts Bitcoin For Payments, Could Add Altcoins

    * #Bitcoin’s murkier rivals line up to displace it as #cybercriminals’ favorite … – #notAnonymousEnoughForCrime

    * #cryptocurrency – #WannaCry Influences Companies to Stock #Bitcoin for #Ransomware Emergencies … #cybercrime #biz

    * #cryptocurrency #markets – How #US Briefly Overtook #Japan And Became Largest #Bitcoin Exchange Market … #biz

    * #econ – #Bitcoin Price Rises As #Trump Troubles Lead to US Uncertainty … #tcot #cryptocurrency

    * #econ – #Bitcoin Rising Fees, Confirmation Queues See Users, Investors Switching to Altcoins … #cryptocurrency

    * Internet of Things and #Blockchain Technology: How Does It Work? … #InternetOfThings #IoT #tech #privacy

    * #Blockchain #Amazing #Phenomenal #Stupendous – #Tech giants will not be silent about blockchain for long #bigbiz

    * #Blockchain and #Bitcoin Conference (May 19, Prague) Crypto Evangelists, Startup Founders … #cryptocurrency #tech

    * #fintech – #India’s Kotak Mahindra Bank Completes #Blockchain Trade Finance Test … #banks #banking

    * #Blockchain #biz #bigbiz – #IBM wants to bring blockchain to the enterprise … #tech #disruptive #disruption #disrupt

    * My favorite #Bitcoin wallet co, Blockchain, has hired Uber, UBS execs … One led Hillary’s communications team. Sheesh.

    * #Bytecoin, the original #anonymous #cryptocurrency, jumps 250% in comeback … – #privacy, apparently, is attractive

    * Hackers want YOU to mine #cryptocurrency for them, use technique in global ‘ransomware’ attack … #cybersecurity

    * Thousands of PCs infected with #cryptocurrency mining software using same vulnerability as #WannaCry … #cybersecurity

    * Monaco VISA®, touted as world’s Best #Cryptocurrency card, comes out of stealth mode; ICO launches May 18 … #usability

    * #Cryptocurrency Trading Startup #CryptoPing Launches #ICO

    * #cryptocurrency #exchanges – #AvaTrade Adds #Ethereum, #Dash and #Ripple Cryptocurrency #CFD Trading

    * What if the pittance you get from free Bitcoin faucet today keeps increasing in value for yrs? A few seconds a day!

    And about 20 minutes after I finished posting these, the pre-scheduled post for today from that article I discussed in the main body of this blog post got posted. Several folks on Twitter retweeted, got one new follower, and a few likes. I was especially tickled that one of the retweets was of the one that mentioned a Hillary Clinton campaign official who has been hired by my favorite Bitcoin wallet company. I used the hashtag #tcot on that one (that stands for ‘top conservatives on Twitter, by the way), and it’s probably a good idea to do what you can to attract attention amongst folks who aren’t actively searching just for blockchain-related info.

    I’m not done with these 18 articles! Heck, I haven’t even read hardly any of them, although I did read some, if the article title left me guessing, like the one that mentioned the former Clinton campaign official. And I have 20 hours before I can use any of the article URLs again.

  2. May 19 update

    I skipped the step of creating custom links for today’s new articles. That cut the time involved down to a matter of a few minutes. Here are today’s tweets. I scheduled the first one to be posted a few minutes from now (when uploading a “bulk” file, I allow ten minutes for the file to be processed before the first tweet is scheduled) and specified 4-minute spacing between each tweet:

    * #cryptocurrency – Here’s why #Bitcoin prices rose by 60% over a month

    * #Bitcoin Price at $1,934 All-Time High, Led by US, to Reach $2,000 Soon

    * #Bitcoin is Just $100 Away From Doubling its Price in 2017

    * #Bitcoin hits $1,900 record high, market cap up $3.7 billion this week

    * #investing – 3 Must Read Asian Market Stories: #Bitcoin Soars, What’s Up With The #Yuan, and Why #China’s Offshore #M&A Has Cooled

    * #Bitcoin jumps to fresh record near $1,900 amid increased political risk – #tcot

    * #AI – Intertwining Artificial Intelligence With #Blockchain | #Tech #Law

    * #tech – Microsoft Unveils New Framework to Speed Up #Blockchain PoCs

    * #tech – IBM Announces Accelerator Program To Help Enterprises Develop #Blockchain Solutions

    * #Blockchain Token Sale Nets $25 Million in Under 15 Minutes – U.S. News & World Report

    * #Blockchain energy apps may hit the grid faster than you expect

    * #tcot – Unlocking #Blockchain for government – GCN

    * Massive #cryptocurrency growth in 2017

    * #cryptocurrency – Foreign Exchange Adds Cryptocurrencies To Its Trading Portfolio

    * #Cryptocurrency Market Cap Tops $60 Billion to Hit All-Time High

    I told the scheduling service — that’s — to shorten each link, so the faucet site links shown here are not actually the links shown on Twitter

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