Thrive! CEO pay isn’t out of reach for you

July 23, 2017 (Windy Hill Beach, South Carolina) — A few days ago, the Economic Policy Institute released its annual report comparing the pay of chief executives with the pay received by a typical employee. The 2016 ratio was 271:1, based on the average compensation received by CEOs of the nation’s biggest 350 companies. That’s way up from the 20:1 ratio the Institute reports for 1965, which was pretty close to when I started my first gig as a shoe-shine boy at Bernie Toll’s barber shop in Feasterville, Pennsylvania. I didn’t plan on becoming a millionaire back then, but I surely had been imbued with the knowledge that almost anyone could become a millionaire through working hard and smart. We live in an era where you and I and our families can thrive.

I’m 63 years old now. I often worked hard and smart, including over 30 years in the nuclear power industry, first as a technician, then as a consultant, and finally as a self-employed consultant. I made a good income, but didn’t achieve that million-dollar net worth until, last year — AFTER I retired. Last year was great for me financially — the $18-million I made was a bit more than the average of those top 350 CEOs. The best thing about it is that what I did is totally duplicatable by almost anyone. You can get step-by-step instructions via the ad on this page, or you can start to thrive for free now in a delightfully innovative business if you know how to scan the QR code below:

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