Pinnochio effect – folks’ noses really DO tend to grow when they tell a lie

November 21, 2017 (Windy Hill Beach, South Carolina) — The Pinnochio effect: “THE tale of the wooden boy whose nose grows every time he tells a lie isn’t actually far from the truth. A man’s nose really will look bigger when he lies thanks to an area at the bottom of his nose — called the ‘columella’ — which twitches when he’s lying, causing nostrils to flare and his nose to appear bigger and wider on his face. This area is larger on a man than on a woman, meaning it contains more blood vessels and will get more inflamed with stress. It may also go red or twitch. ‘The stress of the lie can make the blood vessels dilate, making the nose itchy,’ explains body language and behaviour expert Judi James. ‘Nose or face-touching can also be an attempt to perform a cut-off — or a shield — with the hand to mask the facial expression.’”

That’s from an article highlighted on front page of today’s Daily Mail. And there’s lots more of interest in the article, too. The main theme is that the liar’s subconscious has many ways it expresses the truth of every matter. Are the person’s feet oriented towards that door? That just might be an expression of his or her desire to beat a hasty retreat if their lie(s) are discovered.

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How to tell if your husband’s lying to you

Daily Mail
Nov 21 2017


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