Sports stars and MLM

Windy Hill Beach, South Carolina (March 16, 2018) — Do you miss the days when your favorite home team
players were likely to remain on the team for their entire career? Maybe you, yes YOU, can help change things in your town, by educating players about their ability to earn more from multi-level marketing than they earn from their sport. Sports stars get pitched a lot of opportunities. My team can help you give a winning pitch! Sign up today with our extraordinary team —-

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  1. March 25, 2018 update — My wife and I came to Punta Gorda, Florida this weekend to attend the first “Perennial Film Festival”, organized to showcase films that eschew the gratuitous violence and sex that is so common in films these days. We’ve had a wonderful trip, and the ten films were a treat to watch. Kudos to Ryan Sharp for inviting film makers to participate.

    One of the films documented an extraordinary tale of a man who started loving his hometown New York Giants baseball team as a boy, and continued being a fan when the team moved to San Francisco. About twenty years ago, however, the team traded away his favorite player, and he wrote the team a letter lamenting their action. He ended up writing to all the Major League Baseball teams, asking a series of questions — the answers to which he said would determine what team he’d choose to boost. This was before the Internet was in widespread use, but the story “went viral” on TV and in newspapers. The film we saw yesterday was made by the man’s son, and both he and his Dad were here and participated in a Q&A session after the film was shown.

    I asked the son if he’d autograph the movie poster we’re taking home with us, and I asked him if his Dad was still interested in improving baseball. He said yes, and I talked a bit about my favorite MLM and how my team, which includes former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Bonecrusher Smith and retired Chicago Bears’ All-Pro Cornerback Donnell Woolford, has a message about MLM that could help sports stars now and in the future avoid trading away a lifetime of love of multitudes of fans — trading that love for millions of dollars that they could earn by staying with their current team.

    I’m always excited when new folks join our team, and I think this would be a great fit for “The World’s Greatest Fan”.

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